Name: Kakurine

  • Age: 10,010
  • Birthplace: Unknown
  • Birthday: July 23
  • Height: 145cm,

Weight: 35kg

  • Measurements: 68-54-61
  • Blood Type: AB
  • Genre: She'd fit into Tenchi Muyo.

Fantastic AbilitiesEdit

Theme Song: Feel The Mystical (Eyecatch)*Episode 1: "I Am Kakurine" (vs Alty)

  • Episode 2: "That One And Me" (vs Danzaiver)
  • Episode 3: "My Memory" (vs Erel)
  • Episode 4: "I Am Lost" (vs Gally)
  • Episode 5: "That Is The Reason I Am Alive" (vs Keiya)
  • Episode 6: "The Place Where I Return" (vs Linedwell)
  • Episode 7: "I Am A Fool" (vs Kakurine)
  • Episode 8: "I Am Alone" (vs Midori)
  • Episode 9: "I Am... After All, 'Kakurine'" (vs Setsuna)
  • Final Episode: "I Am an Idiot" (vs Ihadulca)

BLADE'S FINAL WORD: Kakurine is just totally awesome. It's rather funny that the only storymode in which Kakurine is truly defeated is her own; no other character can defeat her, though a few - mostly Setsuna and Lie - can at least give her pause.

The game refers to her as having Super-Transcendental Powers. I have no comment to that, since none is necessary.

She also has the best theme song!